How many people die from rock climbing every year?



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    The average deaths from rock climbing over the past 50 years is 25 deaths per year.  The number of deaths from rock climbing varies significantly each year, do to popularity shift and technological advances.  During the last ten years, the most fatalities in a year were 35 climbing deaths in 2004, while 2001 recorded 16.  1976 recorded the largest amount of deaths at 53.  2010 is expected to have 30 deaths contributed to rock climbing.

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    The variables differ from year to year rapidly.  An example: in 2004, 35 people died from climbing accidents.  In 2001, only 16 people have fallen.  2010 might set a new record for rock climbing deaths.

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    A statistic from the Health and Safety Executive estimates that 1 in 320,000 climbs will result in a fatality.  It is nearly impossible to determine exactly how many rock climbing excursions are taken annually worldwide.  Except for well-known and dangerous climbs, such as Everest or Denali, most rock-climbing related deaths aren’t widely publicized.

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    From what I’ve read, it really depends on the year. The average annual deaths over the past 50 years is around 25, with the number of fatalities increase every 2.5 years and the number of accident reporting is declining. Though, the number goes up and down, for example; in 1975, 19 people died, but the next year 53 people died, and in 2004, 35 people died but in 2001 only 16 people died.

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