How many lb’s of dolphin are killed every year in Taiji?



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    Every year in Taiji an average of 23,000 dolphins are killed.  The average weight of a dolphin is 385-440 pounds with a median number being 412 pounds.  23,000 dolphins multiplied by 412 pounds equals  9,476,000 pounds.  Therefore, we can estimate that over 9 million pounds of dolphins are killed every year in Taiji.  This is of course assuming that all the dolphins killed are adults.  Presumably many dolphins that are killed are not full grown and the actual number is impossible to tell, but 9 million pounds should be the maximum.

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    Unfortunately, the numbers used for the above calculation are off. 23,000 was an estimate of the amount of dolphins killed in an entire year in Japan. Taiji has recently been responsible for about 2,300-2,400 dolphin deaths. Although the quota may have been reduced to 200 dolphins since that time, it is still quite high, and the numbers of dolphins killed seem to vary by source. Since bottlenose dolphins are the most common kind of dolphin killed in these hunts, and they weigh about 1100 pounds, the weight of 2,300 adult dolphins would be 2,530,000 pounds.

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