how many ipods are recycled each year



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    I’m having a hard time finding exactly how many ipods are recycled a year. However, as of 2006, Apple recycled 13 million pounds of e-waste and forecasted that they would recycle 19 million pounds of e-waste in the years to come. Also, in July of this year (2010), 20,000 iphones were recycled, which means that about 240,000 iphones will probably be recycled each year. Because an estimated 200 million ipods are sold worldwide, while only 45 million iphones are sold worldwide, I can estimate that 600,000 ipods are recycled each year. 

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      I’m not sure if I follow your math… So if 200 million ipods + 45 million iphones = 245 million ipods/iphones sold per year… how can 600,000 ipods be recycled each year?

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      My reasoning was: people bought 45 million iphones worldwide, which is about 1/4 of the amount of ipods bought worldwide (200 million). So, if 20,000 iphones were recycled, then I can estimate that about 600,000 ipods would be recycled. It’s just an estimate because I can’t find a concrete number of ipods recycled.

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