How many homes are powered by wind turbines in America?



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    All though I couldn’t find the number of homes persay, as of December 31st of 2009, 34,863 MW of windpower has been installed around the United States.

    Estimating from this, maybe over 1900 homes? But I am not sure and am terrible at math.

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    Wind energy today produces enough energy (around 35,000 MW) to power approximately 9.7 million homes in the United States! This is quite an improvement since wind power was only generating about 2,000 MW in 1999. Wind power use is expected to grow even more, which will eliminate around 62 million tons of carbon dioxide annually and 20 billion tons of water annually. This is extreme conservation and very good news!

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    Without demeaning the value of wind power, the perspective is this – that wind plus geothermal plus solar plus wood and other biomass, all together, account for less than 4% of the electricity generated in the US. 35,000 MW per year is about a quarter of all the non-hydro renewable electricity generation, so wind provides a bit less than 1% of US electricity.

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