How many eggs does one beluga whale produce?



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    Beluga whales are mammals and bear their young live. (They do have egg cells, just as human women do.)

    If your question is about beluga caviar, derived from beluga sturgeon, a critically endangered fish, an individual may weigh 2000 pounds and have enough roe (eggs) to add up to hundreds of pounds. How many eggs that is I don’t know.

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    Beluga whales, like all whales, are mammals – their babies are born fully-formed, not in eggs.  Belugas have sexual organs just like most mammals, and females are fertilized by males much in the same way humans are.


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    Beluga whales are viviparious animals, which means they give birth to live young instead of laying eggs that then hatch outside the body.  Like other mammals, female belugas produce egg cells from their ovaries, but those egg cells join with sperm cells from a male beluga to ultimately produce a fully formed infant whale that is birthed from the vagina in the same manner than human babies are birthed.

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