How many babies do gophers have?



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    The litter size of a pocket gopher can range anywhere from 1-10 babies, but on average, the mother gives birth to 3-4 young. Gophers typically have one litter per year, but have been known to occasionally have two per year, and this aspect can determine the litter size; in the case of two litters, the average size of each is usually two newborn gophers. The gestation period for most gophers is about 20 days. 

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    Pocket gophers generally produce 5 to 6 young per litter. In irrigated fields, they can produce up to 3 litters per year, while in non-irrigated fields they would produce 1 litter after mating in the late winter/early spring. As many as 60 pocket gophers per acre can live in irrigated alfalfa fields or vineyards.

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