How many active volcanoes are there?



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    During the past 10,000 years, there have been 1,500 volcanoes on solid Earth that are known to have been active at some point; this does not take into account the unknown – and considerably uncountable – amount of underwater volcanoes. Currently, there are about 600 volcanoes known to have erupted during recorded history, and 50-70 volcanoes have regular eruptive activity. At any given time, there are 20 volcanoes erupting. 

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    The answer depends on one’s definition of “active.” Many volcanoes may go hundreds or thousands of years between major eruptions, so the definition of “active” goes beyond volcanoes that are currently erupting. This answer also depends on the definition of a volcano; volcanoes can be as small as an individual vent or as large as an entire volcanic system. Thus, counting the number of active volcanoes may be inherently inaccurate. In the broadest sense of the word “volcano,” there are at least 1,000 land-based volcanic systems that are likely to erupt in the future.   

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