How long does monsoon season last for?



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    I assume you are referring to the monsoon season in South Asia. In that case, the rainy part of the monsoon season generally lasts from June until September. During this time, low pressure is pushed from the Indian Ocean to the Tibetan Plateau, causing torrential rains in India. However, the term “monsoon” is also used to describe the whole monsoon cycle.

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    The word monsoon is derived from the Arabic word for season or seasonal winds. Many places in the world experience a seasonal wind change, including Arizona.  The Arizona Monsoon comes into play in early July and persists to September. It is marked by relatively high humidity, atmospheric instability, and regular afternoon thunderstorms.  The official start of the monsoon season is the beginning of a three day period where the dewpoint exceeds 55°F, indicating the presence of moister air.

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