How long does it take your body to heal a broken bone?



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    That depends on how bad the break is. The worse the break the longer it takes, of course. It also depends on the person themself and their body. Fractures in children can heal in as soon as 3 weeks. The same fracture might take 6 weeks in someone older. Fractures can even take up to 10 weeks to completely heal. Often, within a couple months any break will be completely healed with no trace of a break to be detected.

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    Considering that everyone’s body is different, there are varying time frames for a bone to heal.  In a normal, healthy adult a fracture should heal within 6 weeks and a break should take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to heal.  Certain factors such as Osteoporosis, a bone degenerating disease, can complicate the healing process and lead to a much long time frame for a broken bone.  Also, if a bone is broken bad enough, it may require surgery in order to heal properly.  Without surgery, some broken bones may never properly heal. 

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