How long does it take all of the planets to go around the sun?



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    The time-span of each planet’s orbit differ greatly, Mercury orbits the sun in as little as 87.97 earth years while Neptune takes 164.81 earth years to make a full orbit around the sun. It is safe to say that all the planets have made a complete orbit around the sun at least once every 164.81 years. If you count Pluto (now considered a dwarf planet and takes 247.7 earth years to orbit), then every planet has made an orbit around the sun at least once every 247.7 years.

    Here is a list of all the planets’ and the time it takes for them to orbit the sun:

    Mercury     87.96 Earth days

    Venus       224.68 Earth days

    Earth       365.26 Earth days

    Mars         686.98 Earth days

    Jupiter     11.862 Earth years

    Saturn     29.456 Earth years

    Uranus     84.07 Earth years

    Neptune   164.81 Earth years

    Pluto (dwarf planet)    247.7 Earth years


    Since the orbit time varies greatly by each planet, some will make a significant amount more orbits than others. For example: by the time Neptune orbits the sun, Saturn has already orbited the sun about 5 times..

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