How long does a crocodile live for?



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    Crocodiles can live to be about 60 or 70, which is pretty close to humans!

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    The average lifespan of a crocodile is 71 years, but there are some which have lived much longer. A crocodile who lived in a Russian zoo has lived to be 115 years old! The crocodile died in 1997 but lived a life that is incredibly long, even compared to a human being’s. Crocodiles are fascinating creatures because they date back to prehistoric times, and has evolved very little since then. They are very advanced creatures despite being practically prehistoric (they are the only reptiles with four-chambered hearts, a diaphragm, and cerebral cortex), which could contribute to their long lifespans.

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    Some Nile crocodiles, which can grow to more than 18 feet, have been reported to have lived till 100 years old or older. In 1995, Kolya, a crocodile who had resided at Russia’s  Yekaterinburg Zoo since 1914, finally died at the age of between 110-115 years.

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    The crocodile is the oldest living predator in existence. It has survived for millions of years, unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs and is still considered to be one of the most lethal killers. While many factors effect the livelihood of crocodiles the oldest crocodile on record was reported to have died in Russia at the age of 115!


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