How long do you think it will take the gulf’s tourism to bounce back?



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    Some suggest that it may take a while, while others insist that it is already beginning to bounce back. More non-traditional types of tourism are also likely to increase such as:

    “Shannon Lane, a blogger who lives near Baton Rouge, La., and her family lived through Katrina, and she believes that what the oil-dirtied gulf beaches need more than anything else are tourists. So she’s planning a vacation to the Gulf Coast this summer.

    “We aren’t visiting to see oil or even volunteer for cleanup,” she said. “Our reason behind the unplanned Gulf Coast vacation is to support the communities that are being affected negatively by this event.”


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    Some argue that the Gulf’s tourism has already bounced back from 2010’s oil spill. Disaster management teams have used a dispersant to clean up the mess, causing the oil to sink to the bottom of the Gulf. This type of clean up effort perpetuates an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, and when combined with aggressive marketing tactics, the area will likely see a rapid influx of tourists.

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