How long do people live in Europe?



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    The highest life expectancy for women is in France at 83.22 years.  Denmark comes in lowest at 80.13 years.  Men in Sweden live an average of 78.20 years, giving the country the highest male life expectancy.  Portugal is lowest with men living an average of 74.23 years.

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    The European Union has life expectancy numbers for those born in 2010 at 78.82 years.  Men come in a bit lower at 75.7 years and women at 82.13 years.  This combined average compares with the US’s combined average life expectancy at 77.80 years.

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    Here is something neat that ties into that question.  People in different countries in Europe have surprisingly different life expectancies.  For instance, in France, life expectancy is 81.5 years; but in the UK it’s only 79.9 years!

    I found a life expectancy test that ties in your birth nationality to your personal life expectancy. 

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