How have we been able to use social media to help the environment?



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    Everything that the internet exuberates in social media has been used in some way to advocate eco-friendly life.  Facebook ads, facebook games, tumblr, even this website itself is a social media designed to help the world.  Companies are starting to slowly realize that small shops all over the globe offer environmentally friendly solutions to life’s everyday problems, and how easy it is foe these small shops to get ahold of the good-natured public’s attention.  Now from watching profits drop ever-slightly year by year since the early 2000s, corporations are starting to work harder to offer better options to neo-consumers.  Citations on this would be endless, I would just check out what people are doing on or to boast about green life.

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    Social media has succeeded in raising awareness and sending messages about environmental issues, with one famous example being the satirical Twitter account that criticized BP over the Gulf oil spill this year.

    Social media is also useful for building communities of environmentally-minded folks. This includes bringing together environmental professionals.

    However, environmental professor Maxwell Boykoff cautions that social media, and the abundance of information on the internet, can also serve organized anti-environmental campaigns, or simply create a chaotic amount of content.

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