How has science negatively affected the environment?



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    Well, science created the atom bomb which destroys miles of land and then emits radiation for decades. Science paved the way to many of our modern luxuries which are now destroying the environment, such as factories, cars, pesticides, and refrigerators. Science has made it possible for anyone with enough money to have children which, from a purely environmental perspective, is not good. Medicines have also allowed humans to live much longer and increased population growth. 

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    Science is the root of all our environmental problems and is also the solution to these problems.  Creations such as the atom bomb, engine, and synthetic chemicals all do damage to our environment.  Yet, without science we would never have known the damage we are causing.  Science is really correcting itself as we develop ways to benefit the environment.  We can now save and repopulate species, and we are developing environmentally neutral sources of energy.

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