How harmful is mercury for humans?



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    There have been numerous questions on the subject of Mercury.  Just typing in the world “Mercury” into’s search bar tool provided an extensive list of questions and articles relating to Mercury.  Check out the citation below.

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    In short, very harmful. Mercury can severely diminish health and can be fatal, though it was once believed to be beneficial. Though when the first Chinese emperor supposedly took mercury pills to give him eternal life, it drove him insane, destroyed his brain and livers, poisoned him and eventually killed him. This is not a safe substance, at all.
    Mercury can be found in dental fillings, many kinds of fish, barometers, thermometers and other scientific equipment. Naturally it’s found in coal,cinnabar, livingstonite, corderoite and other metals. 
    It can enter the body through inhalation, ingestion, and absorption from the skin, though the body has absolutely no use for it and can severely diminish health depending on level of exposure, the age of the person exposed, the chemical form (methymercury, elemental mercury, and in/organic mercury compounds), and the health of the person.

    Methylmercury impairs neurological development, including adversely affecting the growing brain and nervous system, impacting cognitive thinking, memory, attention, language and other motor/visual/spatial skills in infants, especially when exposed in the womb. Though it affects fetuses worse than adults, it is still dangerous. Symptoms include impairment of peripheral vision, disturbances in sensations, lack of coordination, impairment of speech and walking and muscle weakness.

    Elemental mercury is more dangerous when one breaths vapors it produces. At high doses it affects the kidneys and may cause respiratory failure and death. Symptoms to exposure include tremors, emotional changes, insomnia, neuromuscular changes such as weakness, atrophy (wasting away), or twitching, headaches, disturbances in sensations, changes in nerve responses, and cognitive impairment.

    Exposures to in/organic mercury compounds may damage the gastrointestinal tact, the nervous system, and the kidneys at high levels. They both are ingested, but organic mercury compounds are more readily absorbed. Symptoms include skin rashes and dermatitis, mood swings, memory loss, mental disturbances and muscle weakness.


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    Amalgam fillings are made with mercury. If you have amalgam fillings you are breathing mercury every second. The use of drills and scrapers against the filling increase the chance of a mercury vapor being inhaled. With that said, is it surprising that female dentists and dental assisstants have extremely high infertility rates and infertility issues? No, it’s not that surprising because mercury is toxic. The documentary The Beautiful Truth, investigates mercury used in dental procedures, and actually shows you the amount of mercury vapor that comes off of a filling.

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    Mercury lowers the immune system, keeps your body from absorbing minerals, and plays havoc with body processes.

    I saw the video of the dentist that Stan Kurtz showed taking out old mercury fillings. No wonder she ended up with cancer. She was not using the proper protection for herself or the patient.  Mercury passes right through the paper masks and she had no protection on the patient’s nose, just a dental dam.

    Go to the blog for the IAOMT and you can see how fillings should be properly removed.

    People can contact DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions for an information packet and a list of safe dentists. DAMS is there for you to help you through this process so you won’t become poisoned while taking out old fillings. 651-644-4572

    Call and talk to Leo Cashman, Executive Director of DAMS in Minnesota if you have questions. 

    Marie Flowers

    DAMS Coordinator in VA

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