How fast can squid swim?



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    This is an interesting question that does not seem to have an absolutle answer. It is known that certain squids can swim quickly and have great agility. The problem with trying to figure out the exact speed at which they swim is that they use propulsion methods of movement as opposed to other sea life that use fins, gills and body movements. During propulsion, the range of speeds will be constantly varying as the squid propels itself and slows down the entire time it is swimming. It is know that squids can swim quickly, but most often do not unless they are hunting or under attack. However, the exact speed at which they swim can not be defined with a specific number. 

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    According to an Oxford Journal article, which can be found in the citation below, squids “can reach the fastest speeds known among aquatic invertebrates ( 8 m s−1),” which I believe is a measurement for nautical meters per second? SeaWorld cited the figure at 24.9 mile per hour (40 km per hour).

    Squids swim by “flapping/undulating their fins and using a pulsatile jet, while their arms are important for generation of lift and for stability control. The dotted and solid arrows represent the direction of water during mantle refilling and mantle contraction, respectively” (Oxford). Overall, squids swim the fastest of any aquatic vertebrates, with great flexibility and maneuverability.

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