How does the UAE rate for eco-friendliness?



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    According to the 2010 edition of the Environmental Performance index, the United Arab Emirates has a score of 40.7 and is ranked 152 among the 163 countries surveyed. This means it is not a very eco-friendly country. It also appears to have the worst environmental ranking relative to its gross domestic product– it could be doing more with the income it has, but it isn’t doing enough.

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    Most of the UAE is poor in considering eco-friendliness.  One exception is coming out of the woodwork, and that is Dubai.  Dubai is not only attempting to reform several of its business industries for the sake of ecological responsibility, they opened up their first green car wash not too long ago!

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    The UAE does not score well when it comes to environmental friendliness. In order to bring many luxuries to the oil-producing principalities, the UAE creates a huge carbon footprint. In fact they produce a bigger carbon footprint than the United States. Having a snow-producing indoor ski-slope in 120 weather isn’t helping.

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