How does a polar bear not freeze to death when its hibernating?



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    Polar bears, unlike black and brown bears, do not hibernate during the colder, winter months. Instead, they forage and hunt for food in an active state throughout the year. If prey should become scarce, they are able to lower their metabolism in what is called a ‘walking hibernation’ in order to maintain their body’s fat content and thus it’s insulation. Polar bear ice jumping

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    Polar bears don’t hibernate, but rather travel on the ice pack to hunt for seals during the winter.  Female polar bears dig dens to give birth, but don’t enter a true state of hibernation, because giving birth requires a higher body temperature.  Snow is an excellent insulator, and most dens are dug into the tundra with snow pack on top, making for an extremely snug and protected site.  The female polar bear and her cubs remain in their den until March or April and then emerge so she can feed.

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