How do we make public transit more efficient?



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    The best way we can make public transit more efficient is for it to become more popular.  More popular means more funding which means more options for public transit.  A few good ideas to promote public transit include taxing valet and parking services 50%, turn street parking on main roads into bicycle only lanes, and imposing county gas taxes.  All the tax proceeds can go to improve public transit in the area.  Considering that public transit budget is controlled by the politics in the area, a public outcry it needed.  Or, better yet, require all public officials to ride their public transit system to work at least once a week.

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    Efficiency for public transportation can be determined by population density.  A subway system in New York or London is a great way to transport a large number of people because of the availability of stops and the attractions/housing complexes around the stops.  Austin, Texas recently developed a light rail system that is not doing as well as expected because not many people are riding it.  Austin doesn’t have the population density to support a large number of stops or the amount of people relying on such transportation because most have their own cars.  In a large metropolitan area like New York, many people don’t own cars because they rely on public transportation. 

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