How do we lower the cost of alternative energy?

I read of a country (I think Japan) where govt subsidy offered for (probably) solar panels. 75% the first year and reducing to 10% over next five years. People jumped quickly on board to get the big reduction, which allowed companies to gear up and produce lots which brought the price down. It’s the idea i like. Anyone know more about this programme?



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    While I don’t know much about the Japanese program you are speaking of, I do know that government subsidies are often the most traditionally effective way of spreading green technology.  Subsidies make new technology cheaper for consumers, and therefore, more approachable.  It also plugs money in to the sector and encourages research and business development.

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    If you’re looking for that program specifically, then yes, the Japanese government gave out subsidies in 1994 to spark solar energy incentives (first citation).

    Companies, of course, are trying to compete with their not so eco-friendly market, and they’re reducing the cost of their products every day.  Using cheaper manufacturing materials; simplifying the product to cut back on overhead; finding easier ways of shipping–all of those advancements and more are helping to make it less expensive to provide alternative energy sources (second citation).

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    I think once popularity and availability spread, alternative energy will be cheaper.  It is still new and technology, as well as production and manufacturing, is still rather on the pricy side.  Once an efficient way to provide solar power, wind energy, and other renewable energies is widely available, more companies and customers will be able to afford it.

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