How do solar storms affect the earth?



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    Solar storms occur with relative frequency, and only rarely will they effect the earth in substantial ways, but they can have extreme effects on our electronic and communication systems. Huge solar storms have occurred somewhat recently- once in 1921 and once in 1859. Such storms can release huge amounts of radiation or electrically charged particles- as much as 1 billion hydrogen bombs. What makes us vulnerable is the way such energy can affect our satellite and electrical systems, which we depend so highly on in our daily lives. The effect could be over a huge portion of the globe, immediately cutting off electronic communication. Like in the case of many natural disasters, people would be forced to function without electricity, phones, and TV which they generally depend on but do not have a fundamental need for.

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    The aurora borealis (northern lights) and it’s southern counterpart the aurora australis are caused when a solar storm interacts with the magnetic field around the Poles.

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