How do poachers effect the environment?



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    Poaching effects every aspect of an ecosystem for one major reason: lack of self-control.  Minimal usage of an animal, coupled with massive killings of said animal, can devastate any ecosystem’s delicate nature.  For example, killing elephants for ivory tusks significantly decreases the elephant population; thus, other carnivores in the environment are left to find alternatives, or starve to death.  A balance, which took billions of years to be, is now unbalanced thanks to the quick efforts of people.

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    Poachers is a wide category encompassing many different illegal activities. For example, hunting without a permit or hunting a protected sex or a certain animal prior to a designated age are all considered poaching. Some of these animals are killed for one or two valuable parts, others for their meat or as part of a religious ritual. It is believed that poaching has lead to the spread of several diseases, including the outbreak of Anthrax in Uganda in 2000 and the Ebola virus in the Congo. Some animals have strayed from their local habitat and traveled to other towns or countries where they may be killed as pests or for encroaching on city and farmland. Black rhino and white rhino are now both extinct in Uganda largely due to poaching, while many other poplations have been devastated including Burchell’s zebra, elephant, hippo, hartebeast, topi, and impala. 

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    Not only is poaching illegal, but it affects our animal species in many ways. The biggest impact poaching has is decreasing our animal population. Poaching is common for many large animals, including lions, elephants, and wild cats such as cheetahs and leopards. Poaching will continue to decrease our animal populations and drive many species into endangerment and extinction.

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    They illegaly harm and/or kill off precious wildlife and plantlife. Unfortunately it takes place because the authorities always say they need proof to need to confirm they are doing so.

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