how do animals adapt to water pollution?



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    While most marine life finds it difficult to adapt to pollution in their environment, there are some examples of extremely fast evolution occurring as a response to pollution.  One such example comes from Lake Constance in Germany where tiny crustaceans called Daphnia had to adapt their diet due to increased phosphorus levels in the lake.  The increased phosphorus levels led to a growth in blue-green algae instead of green algae, the food they normally feed on.  Adapting diets is one way that animals have to deal with water pollution.

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    Adaptations depend upon the type of toxins.  Mercury is poisonous to all life and is currently contaminating 10 million acres of lakes in the US alone.  There is no way to adapt to this poison.  Birds can move to fresh bodies of water, but if they eat a large amount of fish with mercury, poisoning is inevitable.

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