How can you save planet earth????



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    Broad question here! I think joining this site is one of the first and most important steps you can take! The next thing is to start recycling all that you can. Cut down on your energy and fossil fuel consumption (turn off lights/appliances when you’re not using them and bike instead of drive when you can). The next scale step is to organize community efforts. Set up neighborhood recycling programs or petition your city to set one up. Go on group beach cleanups. The biggest attempts to save planet earth are done by ecologists and other green minded scientists who study the effect of the human on earth and can research what we can do to save the planet.

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    You can also help the planet by planting native flowers, plants, and trees in your area. One should keep in mind that trees and other plants use carbon dioxide as energy and expel oxygen as waste, so keeping a garden or adding one more tree to a forest will greatly help the environment!

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    I believe that the first step to saving the planet is education and awareness of environmental issues. On top of recycling and composting, you can buy produce and meat from local growers, reducing your carbon footprint. You can also buy items at second hand stores and flea markets, which often cuts outs the disposable packaging. Also participating in flora and fauna conservation programs to help protect the Earth’s biodiversity would be great. Without the protection of our ecosystems Earth will not be able to sustain life. There are many ways you can contribute to saving the planet, but the key is to encourage others to do the same.

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    It will take a giant collaborative of countries and peoples to truly make a difference.  Education is a great way to start, the more people know about issues impacting ecosystems near and far, the more they will care.  If people care what is happening in the world around them, they will want to change the way our world works.  Lessening reliance on fossil fuels, saving energy and switching to renewable sources like wind or solar, recycling, and giving up certain luxuries.  It will take a mass effort to truly make change happen.

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