How can we try to get rid of indoor pollutants?



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    According to the EPA, indoor air is approximately 10 times more hazardous than outdoor air.  The 2 options for indoor air purification include mechanical and electronic air purifiers.  A mechanical purifier uses a filter to capture particles.  An electronic purifier uses electrostatic attraction to catch the charged particles.  Both of these systems are effective in cleaning indoor air.  Another option to help keep your indoor air clean is to ventilate your home and allow for cleaner outside air to flow in (obviously this is only advisable if you live in an area with clean outdoor air).

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    The most common indoor pollutants are asbestos, mold, tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde.  Electronic air purifiers are a good way to clean the air inside your home or workplace, and some plants have amazing purifying qualities.  Plant examples are purple waffle plant, English ivy, asparagus fern and purple heart plant.  Formaldehyde and asbestos are usually found in older homes, or in older furniture – the best solution for getting rid of these is probably replacement.

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    Another good idea is to get rid of your chemical cleaning products.  I would start with any product that has a warning label.  Synthetically fragranced and chemical based cleaning products have no role to play in today‚Äôs world. No one should have to suffer negative health effects caused by products used to clean their homes.  Take a look at our organic cleaning products-PURE AirMD.  Hope this helps:) 

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