How can we prevent soil erosion?



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    The simplest way of preventing soil erosion is to make sure there’s plant cover (or to protect existing plant cover), as plants’ roots naturally help to keep soil in place.  Other ways include strategically building retaining walls (see link) and covering the ground with mulch. 

    In the natural world, wetlands are incredibly effective at preventing erosion.  It’s far more important to preserve wetlands than most people think! 

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    There are many methods available to help prevent soil erosion, some being more effective than others depending on the climate.  Planting vegetation is typically how farmers control soil erosion.  The best choice for plants to prevent soil erosion are herbs, wild flowers and small trees.  Mulching will allow water to reach the soil slowly, and thus reduce the impact of rainfall or heavy watering.  Matting with things such as wood fibers are another great way to control soil erosion, particularly around trees.  One more option is to add retaining walls in your gardening plans, blocking out heavy rainfall from taking the soil away.

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    The best and natural way is to grow plants that will hold the soil together by their roots. Some good examples of plants to prevent erosion are sumac shrubs, juniper, and velvet beans. Its important to preserver topsoil because it holds the key nutrients for agriculture and can cause chemical pollution if the soil runs off into the ocean. Keeping a ground cover planted around your garden will help prevent the soil from eroding and washing away. But sometimes erosion is simply a natural process that may be difficult to combat.

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