How can we make electric cars cheaper?



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    To make electric cars cheaper, we need to have an economic and cultural shift. We can make them cheaper by, making them more mainstream (ie. more companies make them, more people buy them=cheaper), if more people are buying them, the companies that make the batteries for them will start charging manufactures less. As of now, they are the cheapest they can be with high battery cost and low demand.

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    Supply and Demand certainly would have the quickest impact at lowering the price of electric cars.  If more people began buying electric cars, the price would certainly drop due to mass production.  In the long run, our technology simply needs to get better.  At the moment, every time energy is transferred from one source to another (i.e. to batteries in an electric car), a significant amount of that energy is lost.  Solar power is a great source of energy for electric cars, but at the moment solar panels can only yield up to 30% of the potential power they are receiving.  If we can create better ways to store energy in batteries, and gather energy through solar panels, electric cars will become cheaper to own and operate.

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