How can we get kids playing outside again instead of inside playing video games and watching TV?



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    I believe that this responsibility lies with parents and educators.  When children are exposed to nature and the outdoors at a young age, they will learn to understand it and be comfortable in it.  Many parents use TV as a babysitter and this is what leads to children staying inside all day.  Also, many people do not have easy access to safe outdoor play spaces so it can be a task for parents to get their kids outside.  Even if it is hard to get outside parents and teachers should make it a priority for the children in their lives.  Everyone will live a much healthier and happier life if they can spend time outside.  

    Check out No Child Left Inside for reasons to get kids outside and ways to do it. 

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    The solutions are very simple, however the execution is critical.  Do not make video games and television an option, unless they are incentives.  We have to encourage physical activity, playing outside, getting dirty, learning through error…  As ‘ecolizzie’ mentioned this falls on the shoulders of parents and schools.  As parents you have the power to control the electronic activity of your children, and it takes time to play with your kids, it takes an effort to turn off the TV when you come home from work, but it is essential in raising active and environmentally conscious kids.  It is going to be very hard for the next generation to engage with the problems that face our earth when they don’t know anything about the earth.

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    There are many theories as to why kids do not play outside as much anymore. For instance, many children do not think the outdoors is as much fun as staying indoors. To solve this, parents can involve their children in creating an outdoor area where they would enjoy spending time. Kids are over-scheduled with extra-curriculars, social activities, and homework. Ironically, a way to solve this would be to schedule time for the children to play outside, but it would assure that the children play outside. Parents are also afraid of abductions and accidents that can happen when kids are outside, but setting rules about where kids can go can address this issue.

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