How can we control over farming?



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    Since overfarming comes from using land too many seasons in a row without replenishment of nutrients, the most logical solution is crop rotation. This practice involves the farmer dividing his land into quadrants, planting in only two per planting season, and rehabilitating the other two squares in the meantime; he then switches the following season, or two seasons if he likes. He can replenish the nutrients into the soil a number of ways, the most practical being agro-forestry trees, or trees that supplant the soil with nitrogen through their roots. By growing them in the fields, the field gains back as much as 60% of the nutrients it has lost. Organic fertilizers, mulch and compost are another possible solution; they are beneficial to the soil, as opposed to the chemical fertilizers that many farmers use. Organic fertilizer takes time to manufacture and apply, but it is much better for the soil in the long-term. 

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