How can we control erosion?



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    Erosion can be controlled through several methods. In landscaping, one can use a fibre control mat or an erosion control mat (which is straw and synthetic fibers woven together). Farmers use several methods to prevent soil erosion. Conservation tilling means leaving a layer of vegetation instead of removing all vegetation. Contour farming involves using a slopes to encourage water runoff. Cover crops to keep the soil intact when not planting the the main crop.

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    If you are in a place where there are predictable occasional surges of water such as a downspout from eaves troughs or run-off from a parking lot, give the water a place to flow where it will not destroy vegetation or erode soil.

    This could be as simple as a shallow swale filled with stone. You might use a drainage tile underground leading to a drywell. You may need a retention pond what allows the excess water to collect until it can percolate into the ground or drain slowly into another waterway.

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