How can landfills be used to produce green energy?



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    Landfill gas, unlike natural gas, is dirty gas; it is produced by landfills in large quantities and is composed of 40-60% methane, with the remainder being mostly CO2, but also contains hundreds of other chemicals and pollutants such as mercury. The toxic chemicals, when combusted, can combine into some of the most toxic substances ever studied- dioxins. Utilizing landfill gas is currently a cheap but dirty method of obtaining energy, and the real issue of landfills that scientists are grappling with is how to safely deal with the landfill gas, which can effect surrounding communities with health problems. The real green issue is not how to utilize green energy from landfills but how to decrease landfills and the environmental harm that they cause.

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    One way landfills can be used to produce green energy is the collection of methane from the natural decomposition process of waste. As organic/ natural waste breaks down it releases methane. The methane can be collected and transported to power stations, it can be used in the production of gasoline.

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