How can landfills be used to produce energy?



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    The gas from a landfill is made up of about 40-60% Methane gas and the rest is Carbon Monoxide. This combination of gases has a high potential energy and is producing a lot of heat (composting producing heat). Therefore, if we could invent an instrument to physically obtain this energy, we could potentially use it. 

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    The various forms of gas produced from the landfills is called bio-gas.  This bio-gas is created from the composition of organic waste materials.  If harvested, the bio-gas can be used in combustible engines and may serve as a replacement to fossil fuels.  Bio-gas will actually burn cleaner than fossil fuel and produce more power than coal.  Due to our ever growing landfills in this world, it may become a viable fuel source as we develop ways to harness the bio-gas.

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    Mother Earth (no idea which issue) had a methane home-power-generator where you piped the methane from you local compost heap (the pipe connected the pair0, the gas turned a gearshaft which split the gas into its contituents of H20 and O2, then sent the by products on their way, through another set of gears that spun more household energy from it.

    I’m sure this type of installation could be modified for a landfill, and the pipe pulling the biogases out of the middle would make the landfill itself safer for everyone.

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