How can Jelly Fish be used to power medical devices?



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    One species of jellyfish (Aequorea Victoria) contains a certain protein that could be used in tiny microscopic fuel cells. The protein, GFP or Green Fluorescent Protein, produces an electric current when combined with aluminum diodes and UV light. The current produced is sufficient to provide power for ‘nanodevices’, which are beginning to be developed for the medical field and whose largest problem currently is a reliable power source.

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    To elaborate on the previous answer, one way scientists are able to get the Green Fluorescent Protein is to blend a group of jellies together into a mixture. Once this is done, they can extract the protein, which is used in fuel cells to power ‘nanodevices’. In the future, as they begin to understand the biology and engineering behind it, scientists hope to develop the means to create an artificial GFP.

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