How can IT networks help reduce pollution in cities?



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    One idea would be to use IT networks to coordinate trash and recycling efforts, city-wide.  Included in this would be e-mail reminders for citizens when recycling and trash dates are in their city and when their bins need to be out.  This would reduce consumer waste and increase efficiency for a city’s utilities companies.

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    This is an interesting question that i hope becomes the future of eco-urban planning. Having worked for a large GIS (Geographical Information Systems) software company for a couple years, I come from the perspective that mapping software can fix any planning issue. Advanced mapping software can integrate various data sets, such as weather/wind patterns, traffic rates, and other 3D variables to demonstrate how emissions might flow through the city. If we factor in building height, wind patterns, traffic patterns, etc when urban areas are planned out, perhaps we can plan a city where the pollution does not rest but naturally flows to safe areas. If we could get CO2 to spread to a certain side of a city where there are farmlands or forest, but not people, so the CO2 could be cleaned and eaten, that would be awesome! 

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