How can I reuse old wine corks?



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    Absolutely, cork is a very useful material. There are a myriad of ways to reuse wine corks. You can make things that are crafty, artistic and practical. Here are a couple of links that explain further and give great examples.,,20176738,00.html

    Wine cork table


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    One of the more popular uses for wine corks is making a wine cork corkboard.  Wine cork corkboards are found in many gift shops, but are relative easy to make.  Taking a wooden frame, simply glue corks in a cross-stitch pattern inside the frame.  If crafts aren’t your thing, there are some recycling options.  One such wine cork recycler is by Yemm and Hart.  They accept any wine or champagne corks, accept plastic corks, via UPS or USPS to Wine Cork Recycling Yemm & Hart Ltd. 425 North Chambers Dr. Fredericktown, Mo 63645.

    Wine Cork Corkboard

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    Apartment Therapy has a post listing a few holiday uses for corks.  Some ideas were to string corks together to make garland, make Christmas tree ornaments out of them, turn corks into place card holders, or create coasters out of them.  There are a few other ideas through the link below.

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    If you aren’t feeling creative like the suggestions above, you can simply recycle your old wine corks. ReCork is a company based in Oregon and sponsored by Amorim, a wine-cork companyin Portugal and SOLE footwear manufacturer. They have plenty of creative solutions for used cork bottles such as footwear and building insulation to name a few.

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    Another environmentally productive usage for corks is mulch.  If you grind up old corks and add them to  garden soil, they don’t clump up and they are a great retainer of moisture. 

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    I have also heard of it being used for jewelry!

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    A cool idea to for reusing wine corks comes from visiting wineries in Northern California. Find an old picture frame or one used at a garage sale and put the corks inside the frame with the names of the wine or winery facing out or in any other pattern you like.  When you’re done you have a unique piece of art for your wall.  

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    You can also cut up the wine corks and put them in a potted plant instead of rocks, to allow water to flow through.

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