How can I make my garden less sandy?

Should I buy nutrient rich forest soil from the eastern US to mix with the current soil I have now?



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    For sandy soil, it is recommended to mix the soil with compost, preferably made of straw, shredded wood bark, any type of organic material really. This makes the soil more able to absorb and give the plants nutrients and will also hold moisture longer.

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    There is no filtration system available to get rid of the sand in your soil, so you need to add to your soil to dilute the sand.  If you have enough space, you could add nutrient rich forest soil as you suggest.  Otherwise, organic fertilizer (manure,vegetable refuse, etc…) can be used to add large quantities of nutrients to your soil without overflowing your garden.  As some plants actually flourish in sandy soil (potatoes, carrots, certain flowers) you might want to maintain a section of your garden for these particular plants.  You could do this by sectioning off a sandy soil part and only add fertilizer to the area where you want to grow other types of plants.  

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    The cheapest solution would probably be to amend the soil with the tools mentioned in other answers (compost, commercial soil sold in your area, etc.) – but in a targeted manner, so that the soil is only fixed near where you want plants to grow. The plants themselves will take from and give to the soil. All legumes, for example, can help fix nitrogen and other important nutrients in the soil. If done correctly, the plants themselves can improve your soil over time.

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