How can I make my Christmas tree more environmentally friendly (sustainable)?

I know a reusable tree is better, but I really love real Christmas trees. So is there anything else we can do to make the Christmas tree greener?



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    Start by avoiding artificial trees, as they are made of PVC which is not recyclable. Real trees, on the other hand, are a good crop to have around on farms since they turn CO2 into Oxygen so its theoretically good to support that industry. Apparently, there are certain methods which allow you to replant the tree if you maintain the roots and only store it inside for a week or so. Pesticides should be avoided, although organic trees are more difficult to find. As with all produce you should always try to buy trees grown locally.

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      Wow I had no idea reusable trees were bad. I would love to find a tree farm that will replant your tree after using it– what a great business that would be! Thanks for your help carly.

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      Glad to help! I think a lot of Christmas tree farms will indeed replant every tree they sell in preparation for the next year. All those trees growing on the edges of our towns all year must be a good thing!

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    i disagree with the person above. one PvC tree compared to all of the trees cut down every second.If i were yu i would just get a fake one that stsys the same for years to come.

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      As my citation explains, most Christmas trees are purchased from farms where they were planted specifically for people buying fresh Christmas trees- they are usually not picked from a forest. By purchasing from them, you’re encouraging an industry that is constantly planting new trees on farmland, allowing a tree to grow for a year or more before they cut it down, and meanwhile during that time it is absorbing CO2 and releasing Oxygen. As the citation explains, most farms replant the trees they sell so there are constantly more trees then there would otherwise be because of the fresh Christmas tree market.

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      true, but the vast majority of these trees are from Christmas Tree Farms – the only industry on that farm is trees, each one harvested is replaced, and the local foress are not denuded for the trees being sent around.
      If they were going out harvesting the trees from the locla woods, I would agree with you – and if you ARE going to get a PVC tree, make it one that looks real. (I just prefer real to pink or tinfoil appearing trees.)

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    Avoid leaving the lights on when you won’t be in the room for an extended period of time to enjoy them.  This will help minimize electricity used over the holidays.

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      or add a timer so the tree will twinkle through the window during traffic hour, then turn itself off – can also be used to turn it on when you are up for breakfast, then back off when you are off to work.

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    rather than chipping your tree into fertilizer or sending it to the local landfill, toss it outside on its side…the local small animals will happilly turn it into a home. (pay attention to the placement of your new landscape element – the middle of your front yard will probalbly not provide a pleasing aesthic, esepcially for your neighbors.

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