How can I keep my bananas from going bad so quickly?



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    The best way to keep bananas from going bad quickly is to have one-year old son who loves bananas, they will not got bad. Inversely, you will not get to eat them. The basic rule of thumb is that the hotter it is the quicker a banana will brown. Keep the bananas in a room no warmer than 75 degrees. Once they are completely yellow and ripe move them to the refrigerator.

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    Another thing you can do is learn how to cook banana bread.  Over-ripe bananas are perfect for baking, and banana bread is a delicious way to enjoy bananas you would normally not eat on their own.  With some nuts and reduced sugar, banana bread is a delicious and nutritious snack to have with a meal or by itself.

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    A simple way to lengthen the life of your bananas is to separate the bunch. This inhibits the production of ethylene, a plant hormone that aides in the ripening of fruit. Separating the bananas will keep the ethylene content low and allow your bananas to last longer.

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    Another trick to keep bananas from turning brown is to coat the skin with citrus juice (orange, lime, lemon, etc). 

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