How can I get rid of bed bugs?



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    Your absolute best option is to simply get rid of the mattress and get a new one. So, do that if you can, but I understand that may not be affordable. If not, you need to sanitize the mattress – vacuum it, and use a sealable cover. All of your linens, bedspreads, pillowcases, etc. need to be washed in hot water.

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    You need to get rid of your mattress and any other plush furniture (sofas, or chairs with cushions). I know this is extreme, but it is very important. This is where unhatched eggs and bugs are hiding. Wash all of your clothes, towels, bedding, and most importantly, dry everything.  The heat from the dryer is very important. Wash your floors and scrub everything. Have your landlord come in and fumigate. Last of all, diatomaceous earth is a natural product sold at hardware stores or online. Put it in your doorway to keep the bugs from entering or leaving. Put it along the walls and in any cracks. This is a natural siliceous sedimentary rock that is finely ground into a powder. When anything with an exoskeleton comes in contact with it, the exoskeleton dissolves and the critter dies. It is pet and human safe.

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