How can I dry my house once it has had water damage?



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    If the house has flooded then thoroughly soaked walls may need to be removed. Try to get the house’s natural ventilation flowing as much impossible by opening all windows and doors and putting in window fans if available. Remove wet items as they will add to the moisture levels in the house. Run dehumidifiers and fans to promote airflow. If water is trapped in the walls, you need to drain it which can be done by cutting a hole in a tested area. If the house is just damaged from rainwater, then allowing damaged walls to dry is fine, but if muddy water damaged the walls then it is advised they be thrown out. If walls are soaked, you may need to remove insulation and wallpaper or other wall coverings to get airflow to them.

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    • First make sure that you are clear of health and safety concerns.
    • Make sure that your power if off and there is no chance of getting electrocuted
    • Turn off gas lines, and monitor odor levels in case of any type of gas leak.
    • Be cautions of contaminates that might have been in the water that flooded and soaked your walls, sometimes you might have to completely replace the walls all together.
    • Be safe and make sure to protect eyes, mouth and hands.
    • During clean up, protect eyes, mouth, and hands, and make sure to use disinfectants to wash hands before eating. 
    • Keep photographic records before any type of repairs, makes it easier to make claims with your insurance.


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    I would suggest you to taking the help of restoration resource cleaning portal help, which is a good informative source to providing the water damage and all kind of cleaning information.


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