How can denim be recycled?



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    Denim can be easily recycled through the program From Blue to Green.  Through this initiative, denim is turned into Ultra Touch.  This is something that is composed of 85% recycled cotton fibers.  The Ultra Touch is used to insulate homes, and is known to provide higher sound protection.  Denim collections for 2010 are already finished, but check back on the site for future 2011 collection dates.

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    In addition to donating used denim to From Blue to Green, you can recycle the durable material in a number of ways without ever getting rid of it!  You can use denim to make your own potholders, placemats, wine bags, pencil cases, aprons – the possibilities are endless.  Since denim will hold up much better than other clothing materials, find ways to use it around your house.

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