How can cloud computing help the environment?



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    This one’s been asked and answered already this week –


    Cloud computing is internet-based, networked computing, essentially supplying all shared resources, documents, etc. with anyone on the network, all the time.  Research has shown that cloud computing can reduce energy consumption in data centers by up to 38% by 2020.   It basically makes things more efficient, cutting down on emissions and energy usage.  Imagine a thousand people all going to the same store to read the same report, then imagine the same thousand people all having the report instantly available to them without having to leave their home/workplace.

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    Cloud computing can also help to disseminate information on new environmental practices and technology and connect organizations and individuals who are trying to develop ways in which we can ensure a more environmentally sound future.  It is the perfect example of how globalization opens up more and more forums for us to come together as a global community to solve our problems.

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    Problems that can arise from this, though?  Internet addiction, social dismemberment, amongst other physical problems.  If people do not need to leave their house to go out and read a report, they do not need to talk to anyone.  They need no conversation, no interaction.  Sure, this is just in a business setting, but it can be perpetuated further.

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