How can chemistry help us make more efficient cars?



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    I suspect chemistry can help make more efficient cars through designing new kinds of fuels that are more efficient and environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. For instance, a significant amount of chemistry is required to create fuel from algae, because the oil within the algae has to be separated from the algal cell walls as well as the water surrounding the algae. If chemists find an efficient way to extract this oil from the algae, then it would be an extremely efficient, renewable, and environmentally friendly fuel source. 

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    Many scientists are using chemistry to find most efficient ways cars can use gasoline. 

    For example, scientists can currently extract energy from just water and oxygen through a series of chemical reactions.  There are no hazardous byproducts to this reaction.  The compound is known as HHO, or oxyhydrogen, and is currently being experimented on as a clean car fuel.

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