How big can crawfish get?



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    There are over 540 different species of crawfish around the world. The size of a crawfish depends on the species, diet, and age. Crawfish species in the U.S are usually 2″-6″ inches long.

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    Crawfish are measured by carapace length and weight. The carapace is the top of the shell or exoskeleton in crustaceans. The largest species of crawfish in the world is the Astacopsis gouldi or the Tasmaniam freshwater crayfish. It can grow to have a carapace length of more than 400 mm and weigh from 3 to 6 kilograms. Giant Crawfish




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    Crawfish or crayfish can grow anywhere to between 3 to 7 inches big. They are indigenous to the rivers in Kentucky and further down south in Mississippi and Louisiana. They have been introduced to freshwater systems in Arizona.

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