How are the arctic and Antarctic circles alike?



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    The arctic and Antarctic circles are both alike in climate and amount of sunlight they receive each year.  This is due to the similar angle shifts they experience over the course of each year in relation to the sun.

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    They also are the recipients of the energy from solar flares that results in the Aurora Borealis.  The magnetism from the poles channels the energy to both the Arctic and Antarctic and creates fantastic displays of light.

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    Both circles are drawn twenty-two and a half degrees latitude away from their pole or sixty-seven and a half degrees from the equator.

    From an ecological point of view, both contain vast amounts of ice, which, if melted significantly in a global warming event, will cause sea-level to rise several feet which will cover many islands and flood coastal cities. Migration patterns of polar bear, walrus, seals and whales are also affected.

    Both are subject to seasonal cycles of depletion of the ozone layers above them that lead to “holes” where ultraviolet radiation penetrates. This is more severe in the Antarctic than in the Arctic.

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