heat and moisture are distributed around earth by?



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    More heat is received by the sun in the equator than the polar regions.  Because of the difference in temperature between the equator and poles, the earth tries to itself by distributing heat around the earth by currents of air and water.

    Moisture in the air is from water vapor.  The amount of water vapor in the air depends on pressure and temperature in the air.  The higher the water vapor content in the air, the higher the humidity.

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    Heat would be distributed by convection (which is basically that heat moves to colder areas), and I’m sure that the constant rotation of the Earth plus the angle of tilt plays an important role in heat distribution (for example, the equator is hotter than the North Pole because it faces the sun more directly than the north pole).


    It’s also why we have seasons! Anyway, I’m not particularly sure how moisture is distributed. I want to say it has to do with winds, but I’m not sure.

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