Is Hawaii considered a rain forest?



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    Hawaii is actually considered a state.  However, on the chain of islands there exists quite a few tropical rain forests.  Hawaii’s rain forests are actually some of the world’s wettest climate regions, averaging 1200 cm of rainfall each year.  Hawaii’s forest habitats also includes terrain regions of mixed open forest, coastal, dryland forest, and subalpine and alpine. 

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    The definition of a rain forest is a dense evergreen forest with an annual rainfall of more than 160 inches.  A forest, FYI, is defined by the U.S. National Vegetation Classification system as any area with trees’ overlapping crowns forming 60% – 100% cover … any area with cover between 25% and 60% is considered woodlands.  So by these definitions, Hawaii itself is not a rain forest or even a forest at all – it does, however, contain 2600 square miles of rain forest.  Hawaii as a whole consists of about 6500 square miles, so about forty percent of Hawaii is considered rain forest.

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    I want to know if Hawaii has dryland deciduous forests.

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