Have you ever bought a ‘fair trade’ product? If so, what did you buy and would you buy it again?



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    I have bought a cup of fair trade coffee almost everyday for two years now. It is not only delicious, but all fair trade and shade grown which is easier on the environment. The brand is Cafe Vita, they have some nice coffee shops in the Northwest for bringing your laptop and doing homework. I would definitely buy it for someone as a gift. 

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    Like comitar, I buy Fair Trade coffee on a regular basis.  However, I buy Christopher Bean brand coffee from the grocery store for home brewing.  Christopher Bean has a great taste with no bitter aftertaste.  If you would like to try a cup of Fair Trade coffee, Starbucks is one of the largest coffee supports of Fair Trade.  (Though, many local coffee shops carry Fair Trade coffee and teas.) 

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    I like to support any products with the Fair Trade logo simply because the logo says to me that it is produced sustainably, with little impact on the environment.  One good example is Dr. Bronner’s soap products.   I know that not only are their employees given a living wage, all of their supply chain are also paid fairly.

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    For our anniversary, I bought my wife a necklace I bought from a fair trade store in Portland, called Global Exchange.  The necklace was silver and made in Mexico.  As beautiful as it was, it was great to know that the money I paid for it actually went to the people who mined and made it.  The necklace was more expensive than one would find in the states, but I appreciated that.  We need to show the Walmarts of the world that we are willing and eager to pay a little extra to cover the true costs of labor, health insurance and other manufacturing costs.  I would definitely buy fair trade again.  

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    Yes, and absolutely yes.  While day-to-day products with the Fair Trade Certification can be difficult to find at times (darn this instant gratification society!), any time I am able to plan a purchase in advance I buy Fair Trade – usually through Global Exchange.  I think a PERFECT time to really take advantage of this is during the holidays – buying gifts certified to be Fair Trade not only helps the world around me, but also spurs conversation among recipients.  My nieces and nephews asked their parents what it meant, and new converts were immediately made!

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    In addition to fair trade tea, I also frequently buy Green and Black’s fair trade chocolate and would highly recommend it. Green and Black’s were one of the first companies to release specifically fair trade chocolate bars, in 1994. It’s delicious – proper dark chocolate (high in anti-oxidants) with a rich orange zing. Plus in my case, the fact that purchasing it supports a fair wage for cocoa producers in Belize  means I can eat it guilt-free (the bars are huge!).

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