Have we proven that global warming is real?



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    No, we haven’t.  While more and more evidence is coming out supporting the notion that humans are contributing at growing rates to global climate change, there are still those in the scientific community arguing against this.  It will be very difficult to empirically prove the actual existence of human-influenced climate change, just because it’s symptoms are many and often obscure.  The results are also debated as much as the methods used to obtain them.  The point is, whether we “prove” it or not, doesn’t take anything away from climate change’s existence or non-existence.

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    Overall, temperatures are rising worldwide.  However, to make it more understandable to most people, global warming should be referred to as global climate change.  Shifting weather patterns are creating odd snowfalls in Texas and heat waves in Alaska, to give a few examples.  People receiving unusual snowfall have a hard time believing temperatures are rising.  The truth remains that polar ice caps are melting and carbon emissions are dangerously high. 

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    Yes, we know the planet is warming.  See the first link below.

    If you’re talking about man-made global warming, that’s a scientific theory, like evolution by natural selection.  You can’t prove a scientific theory, it can only be either supported by the scientific evidence or disproven.  The man-made (anthropogenic) global warming theory is overwhelmingly supported by the scientific evidence (see the second link below).

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    Tricky question!  We can prove that the Earth’s global annual average temperature is rising.  We can prove that the ozone layer surrounding our planet is shrinking.  We can prove that a shrinking ozone layer contributes directly to the Earth’s rising temperature.  We can further prove that our manmade ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions COULD contribute to the shrinking ozone layer.  But to truly prove global warming, we have to also prove that our manmade emissions ARE directly responsible for the ozone depletion that we’ve recorded.  We have yet to prove that as fact, and might never be able to.

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